Home World 16-Year-Old Iranian Girl Dies After Hijab Law Incident

16-Year-Old Iranian Girl Dies After Hijab Law Incident

16-Year-Old Iranian Girl Dies After Hijab Law Incident

On October 1, a 16-year-old girl from Iran named Armita Geravand got into trouble with police officers in Tehran’s subway system. The issue was about her not following Iran’s hijab law, which says women must cover their hair and wear loose clothes. This law has been in place since 1979, when Iran’s government changed.

The situation got worse very quickly, and Armita got hurt in a way that isn’t clear yet. She went into a coma and eventually died on October 28, according to official news.

People in Iran are very upset about this. They remember another young woman, Mahsa Amini, who also died last year while in police custody for a similar reason. These incidents have led to protests against the government and the strict dress code for women.

Human rights groups were the first to tell the public that Armita was in the hospital. Pictures on social media showed her unconscious in a hospital bed, connected to machines that were keeping her alive.

The Iranian government says that what happened to Armita had nothing to do with the police or the hijab law.

This sad event brings attention to the tough conditions women face in Iran because of strict clothing rules. People are becoming more and more unhappy with these rules and are asking for changes to be made.


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