Home Politics Xi Jinping vs Joe Biden | Analyzing China’s Rising Power Before Historic Summit

Xi Jinping vs Joe Biden | Analyzing China’s Rising Power Before Historic Summit

Xi Jinping vs Joe Biden | Analyzing China’s Rising Power Before Historic Summit

Beijing, China — Before the important meeting between China’s President Xi Jinping and U.S. President Joe Biden on November 15 in San Francisco, Xi Jinping is in a strong position because of several major world events.

Ukraine Conflict Affects World Power Balance

A big reason for this change is the ongoing situation in Ukraine. The fighting there, especially Ukraine’s recent difficulties against Russian forces, is seen as a problem for the United States but a benefit for China. China has been selling more to Russia since the conflict began in February 2022. This increase in trade between China and Russia during the conflict shows a change in global alliances and challenges U.S. influence in that region.

US-China Tech War Takes a Turn

Another important point is the seeming failure of the U.S. tech war against China. Chinese AI companies are now using Huawei processors instead of chips from American companies like Nvidia. This shows that China can handle U.S. technology restrictions and is becoming more self-reliant in technology. The ability of Chinese companies to get around U.S. sanctions shows China’s growing strength in the tech sector.

China’s Growing Influence in the Global South

China’s role as a leader in the Global South is also making it stronger. The recent war in Gaza gives China a chance to oppose Israel, an ally of America. China now sells more to the Muslim world than to the United States, showing its increasing global influence and ability to stand out on the world stage.

Military Caution in the Pacific

The US military’s careful approach to dealing with China in the Northwest Pacific and the South China Sea also adds to Xi’s strong position. The Chinese military has a lot of missiles and advanced warplanes, giving China an advantage in these areas. This limits the U.S. military’s options in the region.

Concerns About China’s Nuclear Weapons

The U.S. is worried about China’s fast-growing nuclear arsenal. China is expected to have 1,000 nuclear warheads by 2030, up from 220 in 2020. This growth has raised concerns in the U.S. about the possibility of using nuclear weapons, including in a conflict over Taiwan.

What the Upcoming Meeting Could Mean

As Presidents Xi and Biden get ready to meet, these factors show a more assertive and confident China. This meeting is more than just a regular diplomatic event. It could change how the U.S. and China relate to each other and affect the balance of power around the world.

The talks, the first face-to-face meeting between the leaders in a year, will likely cover many important issues, including Taiwan, trade, technology, and regional security. What happens at this meeting could influence international relations for years, making President Xi’s strong position very important.


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